Valhalla Calling: Chuck Foreman

Chuck Foreman (AP photo)
Chuck Foreman (Associate Press)

In this series of posts, we’ll go through a few Viking greats from different eras.  It’ll be a weekly profile.

This week we’ll recant the tale of one of the great Norsemen to don the Purple for our clan of warriors. His name was Chuck Foreman. A running back who hailed from the University of Miami as a first round draft choice, he was known for his pass catching ability and the ability to make the first man miss.

His ability to shift in open space was a rarity in those days. Truly, a legendary warrior. His vision was clear, and he moved like water in a fjord. Behind Fran Tarkenton, Foreman’s running style helped the clan to three Super Bowls. He was selected as the NFC Rookie of the Year and was selected to five straight Pro Bowls. He rivaled the talents of men like O.J. Simpson, and earlier, Gale Sayers. Foreman gouged our enemies for three 1,000 yard seasons in a row, truly uncommon for his time. Much like the running backs who would follow in the footsteps of this warrior, Foreman was truly an example of how to live like a true Viking. A Ring of Honor member, he exhibits the greatness that one would expect from such a man.

Today, he is a substitute teacher in the Bloomington School District passing on his lessons in the oral histories of Viking lore, ensuring a purple and gold future for the young members of the clan.

Skol, Chuck Foreman, and skol Vikings.

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