Minnesota Vikings: A House You Should Buy

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Minnesota Vikings fought hard against the Denver Broncos but came up short by three points. For those looking to buy a house, here’s one that you should consider…



Adrian Peterson

This man is the real face of the franchise. He is just as important to this offense as any franchise quarterback is to their team. He can support the structures of the house by putting the team on his back and rushing the team to victory.

Teddy Bridgewater

He has made enough throws and plays that show  he is the franchise quarterback the Vikings need. Even under duress he is proving to be elusive as well as being poised in the pocket. When this offense starts to click I foresee this house’s market value to heavily increase.

Mike Zimmer and His Defense

Over the last 3 games the Vikings have shown they are a more than respectable defense. They get hits on the quarterback, cause turnovers, and don’t give up the big play. This group will make other teams pay by their smart, tough, and disciplined mentality. They are the completely different from defensive units in past and are the reason the Vikings will stay in games late.


Leaking faucets:

Everson Griffen and Xavier Rhodes Penalties

Everson Griffen as much as a leader he is finds himself on the wrong end of neutral zone infractions. Xavier Rhodes will get an occasional Holding or Pass Interference call that gives the opposing offense a new set of downs. You can’t hate on the aggressiveness of these players but it can be an annoyance to a good defensive drive.


Being Too Pass Heavy Early

Your identity is establishing the run. Your best player is your running back moving away from that will in theory, help keep the offense balanced. The problem is you still have a young quarterback and receiving core that is growing. Continue to establish the run game even if it is against stacked boxes. Peterson has shown that just because the box is stacked doesn’t mean you automatically check out of a run. He IS THAT GOOD.



Safety Spot next to Harrison Smith

What we thought was a position that we could get by with is now  costing the Vikings games. Robert Blanton is no surprise on king of taking a bad angle, and that showed on a Ronnie Hillman touchdown run. This coaching staff will need to address this seriously in the Bye week because Andrew Sendejo nearly took out our top corner and you its not much of an upgrade going back to him.


Peterson in Pass Protection

There have been a few plays this season Peterson has whiffed on a pass protection and Bridgewater was either destroyed or bailed himself out of danger. At this point in stage of his career Peterson has got to improve this part of his game. He may be a homerun hitter but he still struggles on a fairly simple part of the game. We could see Peterson being a true 3-down back if he learned how to pass protect. It cost the Vikings on the final play of the game, will it continue to cost them games?


Offensive Line

As well as this offensive line has played including Matt Kalil, Bridgewater was sacked 7 times yesterday. For a potential playoff team that can never happen again or even come close. To lose by 3 when you have seven sacks speaks volumes to this teams talent. take away a couple of sacks and we are looking at a tie game or even victory.

Blair Walsh and missed field goals

Walsh has missed too many field goals and it prove costly in this previous game. There are a lot of fans that are out for his head but this is clearly a mental thing. The league had problems this past weekend with kickers missing field goals. You aren’t going to find a consistent kicker on the waiver because if they were consistent they wouldn’t be there. The Vikings are just going to have to tough it out like the Packers did in 2012. Does anyone know of a Sports Psychologist?



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