Silver Linings Playbook: Mile High Edition

Stefon Diggs (TestudoTimes)

We all know the negatives of the loss. Blair Walsh cost us the eventual losing 3-points. The offensive line looks like we took a Northwest Suburban Conference line and put it against legitimate HOF talent like Demarcus Ware and All-Pro Von Miller.  But let’s look on the bright side of life.

Stefon Diggs was up and down. A couple of fumbles, though none lost, leaves us wondering if that was the reason he wasn’t playing to begin with. With that said, it’s equally important to note that this kid can play. In Sunday’s 23-20 loss to the Denver Broncos, Diggs found himself open on more than one occasion, beating Pro Bowl-caliber cornerback Aqib Talib with a Madden-esque route so pretty I would have said “Xbox, record that.”

This team’s wideouts have been the source of many, many concerned conversation among experts and fans. Why did we trade Jennings for someone doing the same thing? Why did we draft Diggs? When will Hooked-on-a-Thielen get a chance?

Those questions were, for the most part, answered against one of the better defenses in recent memory. This receiver corps is good. Not great, but they’re young and they’re good. And that seems to be the common theme with this team. Young and improving.

Not everyone will be Andrew Luck in this league, stepping on the field and making immediate differences. They need to learn and grow. It’s hard to remember that when you’ve got a chance to steal a game on the road against a team that could win the Super Bowl and arguably the greatest quarterback in the history of the game, and the team fails, but it’s true.

Teddy isn’t Rodgers or Manning. He may never be, but he’s in his second year. Rodgers learned behind Favre and inherited a good offensive line and a corps of receivers that knew how to play. Teddy came in to a 3-13 squad with problems. He’s going to have hiccups. But late-game Teddy against the Broncos is the one we are going to have long term, the cool and collected Teddy that nearly daggered Peyton Manning had it not been for a poor blitz pickup near field goal range. That experience matters, and he’ll learn from it like he’s learned from everything so far. I know we’ve been burned in the past. But remember, he’s not Christian Ponder.

And finally, from a record standpoint, if Detroit loses tonight, we’re still number two in the division. We’re 2-2. Should be 3-1, could have been 4-0. If we follow the pattern of “loss, win, win,” we’ll be fine. still anywhere between 9-7 and 11-5 depending on how things shake out. This is a good team. Not a Super Bowl team yet, but it’s a good team.

Good vibes and stay positive, and most importantly, skol Vikes.



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