Minnesota Vikings First Quarter Review

Through the first four games of the 2015 NFL season the Minnesota Vikings find themselves having a 2-2 record with much left to be desired.

The Vikings first quarter review is much like their current record, AVERAGE.


Teddy Bridgewater through four games has 774 passing yards and two passing touchdowns. These numbers don’t pop out at you in any way, and Bridgewater hasn’t played as well as everyone thought he would. However, some stuff that I have been impressed with doesn’t show up on the stat line. He has shown command of the team, and resilience as a player. After being sacked 13 times one could be completely demoralized but Teddy just gets back up and keeps trying to make plays.

Adrian Peterson showed us that he is ready to play football, in his first four games back he leads the league in rushing with 372 yards. He hasn’t looked as explosive as he’s been in years past, but he is still finding ways to make the big plays when it counts.

Overall Grade as a unit:  C

The offensive side of the ball has to show us much more than what we have seen thus far if the Vikings want to make the playoffs this year.


Its safe to say Harrison Smith  is one of the best safety’s in the league and people are finally giving him the credit he deserves. ProFootballFocus has him ranked as the second best safety in coverage this season.

Anthony Barr is showing us that he can do everything. He can rush the quarterback, drop into coverage, and finish tackles. The sky is the limit for him, and as the season goes I think his confidence will continue to grow making him a better player.

Overall Grade as a unit: B –

Outside of the beatdown at the bay in week one the Vikings defense has looked extremely promising. Punishing and bruising Mathew Stafford and Phillip Rivers in consecutive weeks. The reason I grade them at a B-  is because against the Denver Broncos in the second half I believe the team needed to play better. Also, the safety spot next to Harrison Smith is an ongoing issue. Robert Blanton was one of the culprits that led to the long touchdown by Ronnie Hillman.

Nareg Bostanian is a NFL Beat Writer covering the Minnesota Vikings for RSEN. You can follow him on Twitter @NaregNFL

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