Vikings Laquon Treadwell wearing an Oakland Raider Cap? Doesn’t Bother Fans As Much As You Think

Laquon Treadwell sport an Oakland Raiders cap in a Snapchat video (Photo Credit: The Vikings Age)

A recent story came out from The Vikings age about Vikings new rookie Wideout doing a snapchat video sporting an Oakland Raider cap.
about 4 years ago, a QB by the name of Colin Kaepernick was photographed wearing a Miami Dolphin cap and it did not go over very well with 49rs fans or fans nationwide.
Now Kaepernick is the face of the franchise, so that may have added to the problem.

I did a quick poll on twitter to ask Vikings fans if that bothered them. The response was not what you might have guessed. Now if Bridgewater had been wearing the Raider cap, the response may have been a little different. Here is what you said:

So, as you can see, fans are not as “Stirred Up” as Pro Football Talk has made it out.



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