Alex Boone wants YOU to STFU when Vikings break huddle on offense

Fans got a little loud when Vikings were under center leading to a couple of penalties Sunday

Vikings offensive guard Alex Boone wants fans attending the Vikings game to pipe down when Vikings break the huddle. Boone said it was difficult for the Offensive line to hear the snap count and resulted in a couple of false starts that broke the teams momentum on drives.

“I’m not saying it’s the fans’ fault, but I’m just saying, it would be nice if they would shut the f— up a little bit.”

I attended the game Sunday and have to say Boone has a point. I attempted to get my fellow fans in my section to pipe down when the Vikings broke the huddle, but fans just largely ignored my meager request….as the alcohol flowed, the louder they became.

It is hard to stop a passionate fan-base from showing its support. With the Colts, Peyton Manning was a master at it and had his entire stadium trained to be very quiet when the Colts were about to snap the ball. Manning would wave his arms palms down to quiet the crowd. It took him getting mad at Denver Bronco’s fans before the fans took the hint, but ultimately, they got the message.

Maybe the Vikings can help by not amping up the crowd like this fan noticed:

So maybe if Sam Bradford flaps his arms wildly and shakes his head at fans, they will get the point. Then again, maybe not.



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